We Bring Neuroscience to Business

NeuroM is an interdisciplinary organisation that provides solutions for understanding how consumer’s mind and subconscious are affected by your ad, brand or product. We create valuable insight using advanced Neurotechnology.

With combining classical marketing methods and new approaches in neuroscience we evaluate the effectiveness of your ad, brand or product. As a big part of your business chain we are able to reach consumer’s emotional reactions and attention. Our team of experts in cognitive psychology, consumer neuroscience and marketing research helps you open the black box of the human mind. We have years of experience working with brands and agencies.


Would You Like to Create Better Content?

Let us help you on your way. We will tell you what consumers really feel about your content.

Business research can be stressful and understanding your consumer is a never-ending story. Advanced neuro technology provides companies with accurate understanding of their consumers, which helps them make scientifically informed marketing decisions. This potentially reduces the risk of business failure, increases the value for the consumers, helps plan marketing strategies more efficiently, creates more effective communications and obtains better business results at lower costs.


The Design of our Research

We include you in preparing a research plan that consists of main procedures, goals, and timeline of a neuromarketing research. We nurture close and transparent business relationships and are committed to dynamic adaptation of our solutions to your needs.


Defining your needs

Tell us about your ideas, needs or problems which we can solve together. 


Identifying relevant stimuli

Consumer’s brain responses will be measured based on determined relevant stimuli.


Determinig the sample

Determining the demographics of a sample based on your needs.


Data collection and analysis

We collect data using EEG and Eye-Tracking Technology. The collected data is statistically analysed and interpreted.


Research report

The interpreted data is translated into a research report with actionable business insights.

Let the Data Speak

In-house developed metrics provide you with an in-depth understanding of consumer’s emotional preference and attention. It allows you to gain an insight into their subconscious reactions in a second-by-second timeframe, while watching relevant stimuli.

Developed Nemfa index stands for Neuro Effectiveness Measure for Advertising. Higher Nemfa score means higher effectiveness of your ad  Nemfa Index is an ad effectiveness index that combines the following metrics: Emotional Index, Emotional Peak, Attention Index, Attention Peak, Brand Section and Product Section. Higher effectiveness means attracting attention, better brand reinforcement, better recall and increased motivation.


Brain Imaging Technology

EEG (electroencephalography) and Eye Tracking provide direct insight into the consumer’s subconscious reactions. We aim to provide an in-depth understanding of emotional preferences. We achieve this by measuring and analysing two key subconscious processes: attention and emotional response.

Electroencephalography is a neuroscience technique for recording and interpreting the electrical activity of the brain. The nerve cells of the brain generate electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns.

Eye Tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head. An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement.



Webinar – Kako uporaba nevromarketinga doprinese k vaši poslovni uspešnosti? Četrtek, 3. junij 2021.

Slovenija ima novo, za nevromarketinške raziskave in razvoj specializirano podjetje, NeuroM. Nastalo je kot produkt večletnega sodelovanja podjetij Valicon in BlackBox, ki sta se odločili znanja, tehnologijo ter izkušnje na področju trženja in aplikativne nevroznanosti združiti v celoto.  

Vabljeni k prijavi preko povezave https://forms.gle/1nfMn8NW6QZZdHHeA

NeuroM podjetje je do leta 2020 izmerilo uspešnost komunikacijske vsebine preko 1.000 oglasom na 30.000 posameznikih znotraj celotne Adriatik regije. Njegova ekipa združuje posameznike mnogovrstnih znanj, kar NeuroM-u omogoča ne zgolj izvajanje nevromarketinških raziskav, temveč tudi razvoj pristopov, metodologije in tehnologije, potrebne za njihovo izvedbo.

V četrtek, 3. junija 2021, se bo podjetje NeuroM uradno predstavilo poslovni javnosti. Predstavniki ekipe bodo v ospredje postavili vpletenost nevroznanosti v validacijo uspešnosti komunikacijske vsebine. Predstavili bodo v kakšnem obsegu nevromarketinška raziskava doprinese k poslovni uspešnosti ter v kakšnem obsegu je moč kombinirati tradicionalne in nevroznanstvene metode. Na predstavitvi lahko pričakujete pregled področja dela NeuroM-a, predstavitev in-house razvitih metrik in produktov, predstavitev metodološkega pristopa in primerov najboljših komunikacijskih vsebin v slovenskem oglaševalskem prostoru.

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While working with NeuroM we were able to optimize the ad and achieve higher empathy, which is essential for successful corporate communication.

Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič

Head of Marketing at Zavarovalnica Triglav

After using EEG as one of NeuroM's solutions and changing parts of the ad in order to comply with the recommendations, post evaluation revealed that corrected ad actually performed better, and is currently considered to be the top scorer in the emotional peak of the brand in the context of an ad in Slovenia.

Tomaž Arh

Atlantic Grupa, Marketing Director SPP Spreads

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